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Warrant of Fitness Inspections

serviceNot only are all our workshop technicians fully qualified, but they are also Certified Vehicle Warrant of Fitness Inspectors.

We cover all makes and models of light vehicles including trailer inspections and LPG certificates ($84.00).

We are experienced technicians with confidence in what we do and always give an honest opinion of vehicle safety.

Never hesitate to ask us ANYTHING! Your feedback is appreciated.

We encourage that you talk to us regarding any vehicle purchases.

WOF inspections. New Vehicles first WOF is for 3 years. Vehicles, including trailers manufactured after the year 2000 have a 12 month WOF. Prior to 2000 still have a 6 month WOF.

Please Contact Us regarding any bookings.

Thanks to our new 5 Tonne Hoist called Big Jim, we can now inspect trailers/campervans up to 8 metres long. If you do not wish to sit in a queue elsewhere, please give us a call for a booking. Please note all trailers with brakes need to be road tested with the towing vehicle. Minimum requirements are both vehicle and trailer should stop within 7 metres at 30kph with a brake efficiency of 50%.

WOF (Warrant of Fitness) Inspections:

Car $84.00

Trailer (single axle) $55.00

Trailer (double axle) $65.00)

Braked Trailer (under 6 metres) $80.00

Braked Trailer (over 6 metres) $90.00

Caravan (under 6 metres) $100.00

Caravan/Campervan (over 6 metres) $100.00

We do our best to send WOF and/or Service Reminders to current customers within 14 days of due date. (apologies if you have not recieved this- our system does not always work to plan)

Feedback is appreciate.